Our direct OEM experience and precise attention to detail is how we perform exacting repairs on all endoscopic makes and models.

O.R. Solutions’ founder began his career two decades ago with an Asian endoscope repair company founded by engineers and technicians. The company had a combined 120 years of experience in flexible scope repair, installation, and design for Olympus and Pentax in Japan and Hong Kong.

When that team expanded to the United States, they brought with them considerable experience in engineering design. Our three decades of training gives us the advantage of having full capabilities on Colonoscopes, Bronchoscopes, Pediatric Bronchoscopes, Intubation Scopes, Laryngoscopes, Duodenoscopes, Gastroscopes, Sigmoidoscopes, Video Scopes, and more.

It’s common for a hospital or surgery center to be charged high prices by an OEM. O.R. Solutions’ repairs are typically 40% to 75% below the OEM’s price.  For example, an OEM repair costing $10,000 is routinely repaired for under $4,000.

Once your endoscope is received, a full evaluation is performed on every component of your scope.  This includes:  eye pieces, lenses, the angulation system, biopsy channels, forcep channels, air/water channels, c-covers, flush ports, performance of the buttons, inspection of the insertion tube at every cm mark.

We then perform a complete leak test using positive air pressure.

A complete evaluation of optical clarity is performed by using the same processors/light sources (160, 180, etc.) that you would use in your endoscopy or surgery setting.

Exact workmanship detail is performed under high powered microscopes by qualified trained technicians.

Once the repair process is completed the following takes place:

  • Angulation system is place on a graph to ensure that it complies with surgical specifications
  • All seals, bending sheaths and medical grade epoxy goes through a thorough leak test evaluation.
  • The scope is introduced and tested on the same equipment that you would have in your facility as if it were going to be in a procedure.

Your scope is then carefully packed to ensure safe transport back to your facility and shipped according to your instructions.