O.R. Solutions rebuilds all models and types of rigid scopes from all manufacturers (Olympus, Storz, Smith & Nephew, R. Wolf, Linvatec, ACMI, Stryker, Snowden Pencer, Aesculap, Arthrex, etc.), including:

  • offset scopes
  • carpal tunnel
  • 1.9 and 2.7, cystoscopes
  • hysteroscopes
  • laparoscopes
  • operating laparoscopes
  • ureteroscopes
  • arthroscopes
  • ENT and sinus scopes
  • Pediatric scopes

We rebuild:  semi-rigid ureteroscopes from Olympus, ACMI MR-6 and MR-6L, Guidant scopes, Blue Light Scopes, Storz and R. Wolf.

Some scopes are broken in half and the original manufacturer might suggest you replace the item at a cost of between $3,000 and $7,000.

Why spend more than you have to? O.R. Solutions can rebuild your endoscope for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Manufacturing new tubes for all rigid scopes or semi-rigid scopes is precision work we do every day.

Working with our manufacturer of rigid scopes, we can rebuild the scope by replacing and testing all of the components, including objective lens systems, fiber optics that connect to the light guide post, prisms, rod lenses, eye pieces, focusing rings, and more.

We can repair any manufacturer’s rigid or semi-rigid endoscope in current use.

For one hospital that performs almost 20 cysto cases a day (each tray with a 30 degree and a 70 degree), we rebuilt over 500 rigid scopes in a 4-year period.  Our normal turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

Rigid Scope Repair QC Standard

  1.  Rigid Scope is evaluated for vision and clarity.
  2.  All damages are documented.
  3. Rigid Scope is opened and all optics are evaluated and tested. All faulty optical components are replaced.
  4.  All internal and mechanical components are evaluated and tested. All faulty components are replaced.
  5. Fiber optics are tested with a Lux Meter for light output. If the light output does not reach maximum levels the light fibers are replaced.
  6. Rigid Scope is assembled using only certified performing components.
  7. Rigid Scope is tested with manufacturers working elements, sheaths and ancillary instruments for Fit and Function.
  8. Rigid Scope is Video tested and calibrated for optimal resolution and color.
  9. Rigid Scope is hermetically sealed in a clean environment.
  10. Rigid Scope is leak tested in hot and cold solutions to validate hermetic seal.
  11. Final QC using ancillary manufacturers instrument(s) for Video and fit and function tests.